Ccpoa Agreement

Union membership is voluntary. If you are a member of a bargaining unit, many policies and procedures regarding your employment are outlined in your current collective agreement. If a problem is not addressed in your collective agreement, Chapter 2.05 of the County Code or other employment policies and practices apply. Learn more about the programs available and learn more about the benefits to CCPOA members and families on the BTF website. Correction: staff who place custody, supervision and treatment of units and detainees in pre-trial detention. Representation of the men and women who follow the toughest pace of the state. Click on the links above to access forms for NEW MEMBERS, RETIRED MEMBERS or SO6 EMPLOYEES who want to delete CCSO. Elected by membership, each member of the CCPOA`s leadership team is a prison officer who gives them an understanding of prison issues and a commitment to the profession that can only come from the “walk of the line” behind the prison walls. This understanding makes CCPOA one of the most effective staff organizations in the state. California Maybe replace its `Prison-Industrial Complex` with something much worse Use the forms below to become an ACTIVE OR RETIRED CCPOA MEMBRE. If you are already a CCPOA member, click HERE to log in and access the exclusive ccpoa Members-Only site. CCPOA`s mission is to fight on behalf of our members for the improvement of wages and benefits as well as for the establishment of a positive work environment.

While in California there are many challenges to corrections, including the possibility of private prisons, the continued overcrowding of our existing prisons, the increase in the number of violent prisoners – especially in youth institutions – and the need to improve professional life through education and training, we face them with the challenge of maintaining our membership. Each member of our management team is responsible for prison and is elected by membership. As a result, CCPOA leaders have a personal understanding of the problems of prison officers and a strong commitment to the profession, which can only come from the “walk of the line” behind the walls of the California prison. This collective knowledge and experience is a big part of what makes CCPOA one of the most effective personnel organizations in the state. In the years following the signing of our first contract in 1982, the CCPOA has made great strides and a remarkable job for our membership. We are constantly expanding our knowledge, training and experience to provide our members with the best representation. We will continue to address the critical issues facing the correction industry today and are ready to meet any challenges that may arise in the future. The objective of this agreement and the Declaration of Confidence is to create a trust fund for the benefit of the CCPOA, which will replace and replace the existing Benefit Trust and the Dental Trust. This new CCPOA Benefit Trust will include the Benefit Trust and the Dental Trust, both of which are maintained in accordance with the provisions of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (“ERISA”) in the current version and in other applicable laws. CCPOA is the governing body for the new trust. The new CCPOA Benefit Trust may manage other non-ERISA plans from time to time.

The purpose of this trust is to provide health, social security and death benefits, including, but not only to self-insured and contractual insurance plans, either by the client, consisting of bonuses, wage deductions or income, or to the members and pitiful staff of the CCPOA and CCPOA and trust staff. , as well as for their families, relatives and other beneficiaries, in accordance with a plan (or plan) (or plan).