Training Affiliation Agreement Afi

Fifth Pathway – A certification program that replaces the ECFMG for people who have studied medicine at a school outside the United States, Puerto Rico or Canada, who are enrolled in the World Register of Medical Schools. The program allows physicians to undergo postgraduate training in the United States. Continuing education – Vocational training after the completion of entry-into-service conditions. Individual Preparation Reserve (IRR) – A pool of workers made up of trained individuals who have previously served in the active component or in the selected reserve and have a certain period of mandatory service. Members may voluntarily participate in pension point training and paid or unpaid promotions. It`s also called IRR. See also The Selected Reserve. Active Duty (AD) – Full-time service in active U.S. military service.

These include members of reserve components who work in full-time or full-time training, but do not include the main service of the National Guard. Selected Reserve – Ready Reserve units and individuals who have been designated by their respective departments and approved by joint Chiefs of Personnel as so important for early war missions that they have priority over all other reserves. All selected reservists are in an active position. The selected reserve also includes individuals who initially perform an active training service. Pre-professional training – The normal duration of training (bachelor) before entering the training of end of studies or vocational training. Detention – Court-imposed restrictions, such as detention, probation, probation, probation, probation or work details. Similarly, any type of pre-procedural diversion program imposed by the court or in agreement with the authorities. No form of deference is considered a form of deference: a fine, whether suspended or probation, or unsupervised probation by a correctional or juvenile court. Unconditional probation or unsupervised parole do not provide conditions for the free movement of persons, the obligation to pay damages, the applicant`s obligation to provide regular notification to a court official (including the probation officer) and the supervision of a court official (including the probation officer).